Sending your Photographs

Probably one of the most important part of any photography project is getting your images over to you on time. Listed below are various ways we can do this for you.

File Transfer:
For urgent jobs this is the fastest way of getting your photographs over to you. We upload your photographs to a web site like WeTransfer or Dropbox. Once uploaded you will receive a email link that you click and download your high resolution images from.

There are downsides to this method, you must have enough hard disc space on your computer to download your images on. From a large photoshoot you could be downloading over a Gigabyte of high resolution images. Also, some companies block the use of these websites.

USB Stick
If the job is not urgent images can be copied onto a USB stick and then posted to you. USB's hold Gigabytes of data so you don't have to worry about downloading large files to your hard disc.

Images can be burnt to CD or DVD and posted to you. We don't use this method very often now because CD and DVD readers are not built into new computers.

We do not send high resolution images by email. Most email systems limit the file size to around 10 megabytes. We do use it however to send PDF contact sheets for viewing and selecting images from. Various images can be chosen from the contact sheet which can then be sent over in high resolution using File Transfer.

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