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We offer our clients an in-house photographic retouching service all carried out by our in-house Graphic Designer. From packshot cutouts, photographic montages, image comping and invisible mannequin.

Below are various examples of the types of photographic retouching we can produce.

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Product Cutouts

This is when we draw a path around the product which allows us to substitute the background for a pure white or coloured background. White backgrounds are required if you are selling your products online using sites like Amazon and ebay.

Image Comping

This technique can be very effective when it is used on product photography. Two images can be comped together to create a much more creative image. In the shot below the bubbles photograph was comped behind the two shampoo bottles.

Photo Montages

With this technique we can take a number of different images and merge them all seamlessly together to make one new image. The example below was created for the landing page of Warwickshire Rural Watch, a crime prevention and reporting scheme.

Creative Retouching

This is a type of retouching that requires the skills of a Graphic Artist. It often involves creating parts of an image that could not be photographed. The image below was a brand new roofing product that needed to look like it had been installed on a building.

Invisible Mannequin

We will photograph your garments on one of our full or half body Mannequins, this will make the clothes look like they are being worn. Any part of the Mannequin still showing on the photograph will be retouched out. This is usually around the neckline.

Item Removal

Often we asked by clients to remove certain items from a photograph. In this example the client did not like the radiator positioned by the bathroom door and asked us if we could remove it. The image below shows the original and retouched versions of the image.


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