PR Photography for a Agricultural Feed Supplier.

PR Photography.

Reverberate PR/ForFarmers.

To travel to a small village near Chesterfield and photograph a young dairy farmer at work on the family farm.

  • At least one solo portrait of the farmer in front of the dairy cows.
  • One image with Michael speaking to his nutritionist, Allison. Preferably not looking at the camera – they can be looking at each other, the cows, a notebook etc.
  • General shots around the farm.
  • Shots of the robot milking machine.

The PR photography Shoot
When you are given a day and time for a shoot, I always tend to get a little apprehensive. You never know what weather to expect.

That’s fine if you’re shooting indoors, but when the main part of the shoot will take place outside, the last thing you want is a dull rainy day.

Luckily, the weather was grey and overcast, but not raining.

Sods law on the day – the robot cleaner broke down and the cows had finished grazing and wanted milking.

Like always, you learn to work around any problems and get the best images you can, circumstances allowing.

Image use
The photos will be used in a press piece in a trade publication and likely in wider comms by the client, a feed company called ForFarmers.