Architectural Photography

Business Park photography in Tamworth.

This week I’ve been busy working on Tamworth Business Park Photography. The site was Sandy Hill Business Park in Amington, Tamworth. It’s the forth site I have photographed in Tamworth for Sibson Mill Properties.These include Ninian Business Park, B5K Business Park and Darwell Business Park. Like the others, the photographs included drone shots of the…

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Photography in Birmingham City Centre for Pepsi

photograph of Pepsi poster at the Mailbox Birmingham

This week I’ve been working on Professional photography in Birmingham. My assignment was photographing a giant Pepsi Poster at the Mailbox. My client likes photographs from various angles. Also, if possible at night as well. This is a regular job I do for Blowup Media. Every time a new poster goes up, I’m there rain…

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Photography for Ninian Park in Tamworth

drone photography ninian park

Industrial Unit Photography at Ninian Park in Tamworth. This is the third business park I have photographed for┬áSibson Mill Properties. This project includes external views and aerial Drone shots of the site. Because of the fantastic weather that day, I was able to get some great shots. My photographs will appear on my clients website. Also, they…

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Promotional Photography for ‘Bullet Train’ in Coventry City Centre.

bullet train poster in coventry

It’s been a busy week. I’ve been working on promotional photography for the film ‘Bullet Train’. Part of my brief was to photography the giant billboards promoting the film. These needed shooting in the daytime and then at dusk. They always look more dramatic when lit up and with car light trails. I photographed at…

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Business Park Photography in Tamworth

view of a business park unit

Commercial Property Photography for Darwell Park in Tamworth. This is a shoot I did for Sibson Mill Properties who own 3 local Business Parks. This project includes external views and aerial Drone shots of the site. Because of the fantastic weather that day, I was able to get some great shots. My photographs will appear…

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Business Park Photography for B5K Tamworth

Business park photography

Business Park Photography for Sibson Mill Properties in Tamworth. This is a frame I have made up for the first of three Business Parks I am photographing in Tamworth. The photography includes internals and externals together with drone photography. The framed photographs will be displayed in my clients office. They are also going to be…

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Commercial Photography shoot for the COOP. The Mailbox, Birmingham.

Birmingham Commercial Photography

This weeks commercial photography job was at the Mail Box in Birmingham. I visit the Mailbox twice a month to photograph the advertising posters when changed over. On this occasion, I was photographing the COOPs brand new poster on the wall of a building next to the main entrance. The poster needs photographing around 5pm…

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Birmingham photography shoot for Western Cider at the Mailbox

birmingham mailbox advertising photography

A Birmingham photography shoot for a giant advertising poster. The Western Cider poster was located just outside the Mailbox in Birmingham City Centre. The brief from my client ‘Blowup Media‘ was to photograph it at rush hour and then later at dusk when lit up. You certainly get some strange looks from people who can’t…

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Hotel Room Photography for New Website


I’ve recently been working on Hotel Room Photography for a local hotel in Tamworth. Because the The Castle Hotel are revamping their website, they asked me to go in and photograph some of the Bedrooms. The rooms included two brand new Bridal Suits and ten various other bedrooms. For the main rooms a few props…

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Business Park Photography for Sibson Mill Properties at B5K in Tamworth.


My latest Business Park Photography project was for Sibson Mill Properties. B5K is their brand development located on the B5000 in Tamworth. All 10 units are now occupied, so it was the ideal time to get the site photographed. I took a mixture of shots, both in the daytime and at dusk. This included signage…

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